Von Bolcanstern Breeding

Selection of Dobermann suitable for use in compliance with the standard.

Affix recognized FCI-SCC since 1997. Passionate since always by the breed.

Dobermann breeding

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The spirit of Bolcanstern working Dobermann breeding, affix recognized by the International Cynological Federation (FCI) and the Central Canine Society (SCC) since 1997, can be represented by the quotation below. Indeed, the selection is based on dog sports skills and security. 

«When a dog shows its ability as dog of utility, it has the right to exist and to reproduce, more maybe than certain beautiful dogs receiving diplomas and medals in shows but being often completely unfit of a concrete work… »

Carl Lutz, leader of the school of war dogs in Germany during the first world conflict.

Selection criteria :

Atavism biting

Quality of grip, predation, decisions, courage

Jump qualities

Call pickup qualities, performances

dressage quality

Availability of training, nerve impulses, sociability, balance



Preferably small to medium size in accordance with the standard

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Yenicerin L.

Births at Yenicerin breeding

New litter in Finland from I-Roreck On November 13, 2 black males, 3 brown males and 2 brown females were born from the marriage in chilled sperm of I-Roreck Rasham

Yenicerin L.

Yenicerin breeding

I-Roreck Rasham von Bolcanstern x Yenicerin Fuuria Autumn 2020 – Finland Yenicerin breeding will use I-Roreck for the second time in the fall of 2020. As with the first litter,

Jubilé Ring I-Roreck Rasham von Bolcanstern

Regional championship RING Vichy 26 et 27 septembre 2020 Jubilee Dobermann in French Ring 3 There are tough decisions to be made and that’s part of them. Roreck deserved his

Dobermann de Bellozanne

Breeding forecast I-Roreck Rasham I-Roreck must go to Logane des Nuances d’Élégance at the Bellozanne breeding. The wedding will be consumed in late summer 2020. Thank you Sébastien for trusting