Doberman puppies and future litters from the von BOLCANSTERN breeder and from males from the breeder. Lineage Work with results in dog sports and dogs in private security.

Litter 2024

Marriage postponed to 2024 Aaron von der Sternhöhe x Yenicerin Lakshmi Breeding scheduled for early summer if all health tests are good. Aaron has a strong and dominant temper towards…

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Saillie 2023, Dobermann von Bolcanstern

Litter 2022

Répétition de portée M-Tizya Twica von Bolcanstern was covered on September 9, 2022 by Yenicerin Juleck. The same union in 2021, S-V. Litter, gave puppies with great qualities for use…

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Portée S-V Dobermann von Bolcanstern

Litter 2021

M-Tizya is pregnant The puppies are expected around October 30, 2021. We are expecting Dobermann LOF Black and Tan and Brown and Tan puppies. More information on the S-V litter…

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P-Ultra Unka von Bolcanstern chiot Dobermann lignée travail

A puppy available

P-ULTRA UNKA von Bolcanstern Black male puppy, born on November 13, 2019. It will be available for sale after the confinement period.Unka was born from Minex BANDIT and M-TONKA TUMCA von…

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