Working Dobermann breeding is not a coincidence!

Use-oriented selection for canine sports and safety.

Wanted: atavism at sports bite, jumping qualities, availability at work (dressability), nerve impulses, depth and stability.
A size in the standard, as well as longevity, are also essential.


My first Dobermann was older than me, he taught me to walk and gave me that passion that never left me.
My first show dog, Lewica, has been a multi-beauty champion but my biggest regret is not having exploited her working qualities …
My first litter is born in 1997 under the affix Von BOLCANSTERN.
Few litters but results!

The origin of the affix: Volcan was my first Dobermann and Bolcan the third. The name has naturally come in their homage; Stern means “star” in German.

With Volcan


With Oscar

With Roreck


I discovered dog training and education and use clubs at the age of 13.
I am also passionate about work and more specifically the French Ring where my desire to breed puppies of character, fit mentally and physically to the Canine Sports.
In my professional career, I worked as a Canine Driver in Security with my Dobermanns who showed me all their qualities during interventions.