October 24, 2023

4 black males and 2 black females


Litter repeat. Great qualities for use (canine sports, police-dog): bite, availability for work, applicants, a lot of nervous influences, etc. Medium to small dogs.

2022 Litter

2021 Litter

1 male probably available.

For any information, please contact us via the contact page.

Saillie 2023, Dobermann von Bolcanstern
Dobermann Bolcanstern YENICERIN JULECK

Yenicerin JULECK

Dobermann Bolcanstern M-TIZYA TWICA

M-TIZYA TWICA von Bolcanstern

Chiots Dobermann nés 24 octobre 2023, élevage von BOLCANSTERN

U-X. von Bolcanstern on working-dog

Dobermann puppies 2023