November 7, 2022

1 black male / 1 black female

Litter repeat. Great qualities for use (canine sports, police-dog): bite, availability for work, applicants, a lot of nervous influences, etc. Medium to small dogs.

Saillie 2022, Dobermann von Bolcanstern
Dobermann Bolcanstern YENICERIN JULECK

Yenicerin JULECK

Dobermann Bolcanstern M-TIZYA TWICA

M-TIZYA TWICA von Bolcanstern


T-Wallaby Waziya
Von Bolcanstern

aka Tiwi

T-Wallaby Waziya von Bolcanstern

T-Wambli Wakan
Von Bolcanstern

aka Wakan

T-Wambli Wakan von Bolcanstern