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Jubilé Ring I-Roreck Rasham von Bolcanstern

Jubilee French RING I-Roreck Rasham von Bolcanstern

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Regional championship RING Vichy 26 et 27 septembre 2020

Jubilee Dobermann in French Ring 3

There are tough decisions to be made and that’s part of them. Roreck deserved his retirement from the French Ring even though it will be tough for both of us. But keeping him in shape for as long as possible is the priority. 7.5 years for a Dobermann French Ring 3 is already a lot.

A busy career that will end with titles. It’s always a pang in the heart and a tear in the eye.

Thank you my Roro, your competitions were not always up to your qualities but you are a SUPER pooch!

Thank you to everyone who worked in his career.

This last contest will be the end of your French Ring career. I hope that all the conditions will be met for you to give me a good course for the last.

Long live the French Ring !!!

I-Roreck Rasham von Bolcanstern remains available for breeding on LOF and confirmed or foreign females with pedigree.

French Champion of the Breed in FRENCH RING
GP FRENCH RING 2 Narbonne 2018
GP FRENCH RING 1 Calais 2017
Winner of the Jean-Paul Diers 2018 trophy
Cotation 4