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Dobermann Yenicerin Juleck et Yenicerin Juwel

Arrival of 2 new puppies

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Yenicerin Juleck et Jenicerin Juwel

They arrived from Finland on February 24, 2020. Son of I-Roreck Rasham von Bolcanstern of which it was the first litter, and of Yenicerin Eris “Eeva”.

Juleck stays at the breeding and will do the Ring.

Juwel was entrusted to my friend Eddy Jublin, owner of E-Quacha Qwico von Bolcanstern, L-Sig Sauer von Bolcanstern and M-Twico Timoko von Bolcanstern. He will also do the Ring.

These are two new adventures which are beginning and which we hope will be beautiful. In any case we are delighted with these puppies in all respects.

I thank very much the one who has become a dear friend to my heart, their breeder, Sari Niiranen, Yenicerin breeding, for having trusted Roreck, for having entrusted these two puppies to us, for his hospitality and for everything! A great experience !!!
We can’t wait to see each other …