4 black males and 1 black female were born from this union on November 4, 2019.



Pedigree J Yenicerin

Yenicerin JULECK

France – Von Bolcanstern

“Mature for his age, demanding and diligent, excellent bite and fast learner.” Krystel

Brevet RING

HD.A – PHPV/PHTVL indemne
VWD indemne – ADN avec filiation
Écho-Doppler DCM 08/2021 OK

Dobermann Yenicerin Juleck
Dobermann Bolcanstern, YENICERIN JULECK

Yenicerin JUWEL

France – Eddy JUBLIN

“Sociable and balanced, available for work, close to the master, excellent bite, mature for his age.” Eddy

Dobermann Yenicerin Juwel

Yenicerin JUDEX "Jori"

Finland – Tarja RIIKONEN

“Super energetic puppy with very nice physic already since a little puppy. High drives, really passionate with everything!” Tarja


HD.B – ED 0/0 – PHPV/PHTVL indemne
VA0 (normal), nombre : 0 – LTV0 (normal)
Heart ultrasound & ECG – no signs of heart diseases (11/2021)

Dobermann Yenicerin Judex
Dobermann Bolcanstern YENICERIN JUDEX

Yenicerin JITTERBUG "Jaime"

Finland – Anniina LANTTA

“Sociable, energetic and greedy. He has very good working drive and he learns new things fast.” Anniina

HD.B – ED 0/0 
VA0 (normal), nombre : 0 – LTV0 (normal)

Dobermann Yenicerin Jitterbug
Yenicerin Jitterbug

Yenicerin JUNO "Moora"

Finlande – Teija PORTHAN

“She is active, intense and has good motivation to work. Likes to challenge more than anything.” Teija

Dobermann Yenicerin Juno
Yenicerin Juno