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Saillie 2022, Dobermann von Bolcanstern

Litter 2022

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Répétition de portée M-Tizya Twica von Bolcanstern was covered on September 9, 2022 by Yenicerin Juleck.The same union in 2021, S-V. Litter, gave puppies with great qualities for use (canine…

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Portée S-V Dobermann von Bolcanstern

Litter 2021

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M-Tizya is pregnant The puppies are expected around October 30, 2021. We are expecting Dobermann LOF Black and Tan and Brown and Tan puppies. More information on the S-V litter…

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P-Ultra Unka von Bolcanstern chiot Dobermann lignée travail

A puppy available

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P-ULTRA UNKA von Bolcanstern Black male puppy, born on November 13, 2019. It will be available for sale after the confinement period.Unka was born from Minex BANDIT and M-TONKA TUMCA von…

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